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Inspiring, achieving, learning

A staggering sum of £100 million has already been invested in schools and educational infrastructure, across the county borough, as part of our ambitious Place Shaping programme.

The ongoing and planned investment into education will ensure our pupils are improving, achieving and are inspired – creating a prosperous future for residents.

A key fundamental of the Place Shaping programme is centred around meaningful, localised investment – that listens to the needs of the community and aims to make a real difference. This dedicated web page offers an overview of the investment in order to set the scene for residents and to enable them to better understand where and how funds have been spent, in order to help us to identify future investment opportunities.

Place shaping in the community

Cllr Ross Whiting
Idris Davies School
Cwm Gwyddon
Ystrad Mynach Primary School

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5 responses to “Inspiring, achieving, learning”

  1. Gillian Smith says:

    Although most people in this area class themeselves as Welsh not all want to attend a Welsh speaking school
    therefore we should be given the choice and money invested in English speaking school as well as Welsh. It seems that all new
    schools are for education through the Welsh medium.

  2. K Howells says:

    There needs to be a massive investment in ALN provision. There needs to be provision for children that do not fit the ASD criteria but have ASD traits and children that have challenging behaviour but not severe enough to access the current behaviour provision or ASD bases. These children are not able to fully access the curriculum in mainstream but are being forced to accept inadequate support and are being failed by the lack of suitable provision to fit their needs. Instead EP’s are telling parents there are no provisions for these children as they are not severe enough to access the current bases and CCBC does not have any suitable provision to accommodate their needs. Parents are also being told by EP’s that even if the child would benefit from one of current ALN bases, they cannot place them anywhere as there are not enough spaces to accommodate children with ALN and that they have to make difficult choices and only place the most severe cases in bases. This is not acceptable for our children that need access to specialist teachers, support and differentiated curriculum to be able have the same opportunities as children without ALN. These children need to have the opportunity and the same life chances as children without ALN but this will never be achieved by letting these children languish in mainstreams schools that are just not equipped to deal with their needs. Whilst the investment in the borough’s schools is admirable, you are failing ALN children who arguably need this investment the more. The priority for investment should be providing more bases to improve outcomes for CCBC ALN children.

  3. Susan Smith says:

    I have 3 children who are now all in comprehensive school. Year 7/9/11, I didn’t grow up within Caerphilly borough so nursery,primary and secondary school in my local area of Abercarn was a little nerve wracking for myself as didn’t know school,familiar faces e.g old teachers from my time in school but my nerves were unnecessary as the school itself was lovely teachers and supporting staff were absolutely brilliant. Having 1 child on Special educational needs programme the support given to my son was also extended to me as a parent, that support for me was priceless I hope schools are praised for within their SEN departments.
    For me the Education system is spot on WD all.
    My only complaint is that having 3 children attend school and being a working family, not in any benefit from government it has been a great expense with regards to school dinner/pack lunch daily over the years. I feel very strongly that ALL school children no matter what income or benefit claimed should be entitled to Free School Meals. Every child should benefit from warm healthy food considering a school day is average of 6 or more hour’s.. We pay full council tax and we feel that the way Caerphilly council spend the money from all tax payers is spot on and given to areas where needed most, but I’m sure some funds could help feed all school children from yr1-yr11.

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