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Your homes, your future

A significant amount of the £500m Place Shaping funding has been dedicated to improving Caerphilly County Borough’s housing provision.

The ongoing and planned investment into housing aims to future proof our provision for generations to come and will ensure that tenants have access to well managed, safe and warm homes in great communities. 

A key fundamental of the Place Shaping programme is centred around meaningful, localised investment – that listens to the needs of the community and aims to make a real difference. This dedicated web page offers an overview of the investment in order to set the scene for residents and to enable them to better understand where and how funds have been spent, in order to help us to identify future investment opportunities.

Place shaping in the community

Cllr Lisa Phipps
Rowan Place
Trecenydd and Trethomas Housing Developments
Chartist Village
Ynyswen Sheltered Housing
Memorandum of Understanding

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6 responses to “Your homes, your future”

  1. Alison Palmer says:

    Trying to use the map. It’s only in Welsh. I can find nowhere to change it to English.

  2. Tommy smith says:

    How do I apply for this housing scheme?

  3. Dawn says:

    What about the preexisting houses in Trecenydd that need work and upgrades desperately. We are told no funding available for us! I have seen over the last few years other council estates have had new windows, doors and insulated walls but Trecenydd gets missed every time. Thank you for your time.

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