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Creating caring communities

Over the past 4 years, Caerphilly Council has made a significant investment into facilities and services to ensure Caerphilly Council can create a caring culture for communities.

Thoughtful investment of up to £500m to date has been spent on Place Shaping projects, and a significant amount has been invested into services for older residents and those considered vulnerable, and has provided upgraded and improved facilities to enable them access to the best standard of care.

A key fundamental of the Place Shaping programme is centred around meaningful, localised investment – that listens to the needs of the community and aims to make a real difference. This dedicated web page offers an overview of the investment in order to set the scene for residents and to enable them to better understand where and how funds have been spent, in order to help us to identify future investment opportunities.

Place shaping in the community

Cllr Shayne Cook
New Respite Centre
MyST Service
Castle View Care Home

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